Psychological support

The group of psychologists offers to beneficiaries different types of psychological support. These are as follows:

    • Individual psychological counselingPsychological counseling is one of the directions of psychology that aims to help a person overcome various psychological problems that arise during interpersonal relationships. Counseling focuses on a personal growth, spiritual and professional development.
    • Cognitive-behavioral therapyCognitive-behavioral therapy is a collaborative process. Effective process of therapy is based on a collaborative relationship between equal parties. The client is an expert in his/her thoughts, ideas and feelings he/she has, while the therapist in turn has the knowledge and experience in treating certain psychological disorders. The teamwork tries to find a solution of the existing problem.
    • Group therapyThe group format of psychological work is interesting and effective. The group allows you to feel that you are not alone and that your problems are not the only case and different people may have similar problems. Working in a group can earn group support and empathy.
    • Motivational interviewingMotivational interviewing is a therapeutic method that helps people make changes in life. Motivational interviewing is based on three basic concepts: collaboration between therapist and client, development of individual ideas, and client autonomy.