About Us

“Center for Information and Counseling on Reproductive Health – Tanadgoma” is a Georgian non-governmental organization, an Association established in 2000. Tanadgoma works in two strategic directions and implements the following programs:

  1. Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights program, which aims at contributing to promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights issues in Georgia.

Objectives under this program are: Advocacy and promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights both in Georgia and on the regional/international level; Cooperation with state and non-state stakeholders to contribute to incorporation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education into the education system of Georgia; Prevention and/or screening of STIs, HIV, TB, viral hepatitis and oncological diseases of Reproductive System among vulnerable populations and Contributing to elimination of sexual and gender-based violence and discrimination.

2.Mental Health program, which aims at supporting access to quality psychosocial rehabilitation and re-socialization services for vulnerable populations.Objectives under this program are: Ensuring provision and contributing to institutionalization of sustainable and regular psychosocial rehabilitation services for the vulnerable populations.