• Tanadgoma is a member-based Association.
  • The Association has real and honorary members.
  • Any person, who declares the present Statute, shares the declared goals of the Association and participates in the activity of the Association, may be a real member of the Association.
  • Any person, who has greatly contributed to the realization of principal goals of the Association, actively cooperates with the Association or in any form serves the implementation of the principal goals of the Association, may become an honored member of the Association.
  • A person desiring to become a member will be enrolled in the Association by its board on the base of his/her appeal. The issue of enrollment in the Association is to be considered by the Board within 3 months from the receipt of the relevant application.
  • A member of the Association will be expelled from the Association if his activity contradicts to the goals of the Association and infringes its reputation and authority. Decision on expelling of a member is made by a General Assembly of the Association.
  • The founders and enrolled members enjoy equal rights