Mission and Vision

Tanadgoma’s vision is physically and mentally healthy society, where human right to health is protected, sexuality education is a part of education system, citizens have access to effective reproductive health services, hence spread of infectious diseases is hindered, number of abortions is decreased, use of family planning methods is high, specific attention is paid to high risk behavior groups (key populations), accordingly, psychological problems related to these topics are less prevalent and psychosocial rehabilitation services are widely available

In order to realize this vision, the mission of Association Tanadgoma is to improve the physical and mental health of Georgian population through implementing prevention, educational, diagnostic and rehabilitation programs, as well as advocacy of these programs. Also, Tanadgoma provides technical support and expertise to improve capacities of the relevant organizations, communities and other stakeholders

Tanadgoma shares and conducts its activities based on the following principles:

  • All human beings are equal despite their race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation or ethnic origin;
  • Gender, human rights and non-discrimination are cross-cutting issues in organization’s work.

Tanadgoma works throughout the country. Tanadgoma’s services are available for general population of reproductive age, but the organization specifically focuses and elaborated proactive programs for high risk, vulnerable populations (key populations): men who have sex with men MSM, people who use drugs PUDs, sex workers, youth, prison inmates, LGBT community, victims of trafficking, people, living with HIV/AIDS, internally displaced persons, etc.