Gremi Rehabilitation Center

Rehabilitation center “Tanadgoma” for persons with addiction problems


In April 2016 Tanadgoma established the 24-hour rehabilitation center “Tanadgoma”, located in village Gremi, Kvareli municipality. The center serves persons addicted to psychoactive substances.

> About the center

The center was established under the framework of the project “Bridging the gaps: health and rights for key populations”, with financial support of the Dutch Ministry of External Affairs and in partnership with the international organization AIDS Foundation East-West (AFEW).

The  center is comprised of main residential building, 2000m2 yard and auxiliary buildings.

The main residential building has three floors: The first floor includes administrative space, dining space and rooms for program activities; the second floor is living space with 1 room for the center’s staff and 4 rooms for the beneficiaries. In total the center can accommodate 10 beneficiaries. The third floor is recreational area for sports activities and various group events.

A small fruits and vegetables garden is located in the yard and represents a space for labour therapy.

Auxiliary buildings are envisaged for art therapy as well as storage of different household supplies.

The building for the center was purchased by Tanadgoma, and the project “Bridging the gaps: health and rights for the key populations” made possible to renovate and equip the first floor.  In 2017, the EU-supported project “Improved opportunities for psycho-social rehabilitation and re-socialization of inmates, former inmates and probationers in Georgia“ enabled renovation of the second floor. Also, auxiliary building for the ceramics art therapy was built. Unfortunately, so far Tanadgoma was unable to equip the third floor of the center.

> Program of the center

The center is a residential inpatient facility. Working with the beneficiaries is based on combined approach, which includes involvement of a multidisciplinary group in rehabilitation process. The program of the center is comprised of individual and group counseling, “12 steps” program, art therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, labor therapy, family therapy, etc.

After client’s admission an individual treatment plan is developed, based on his/her needs. The rehabilitation process is intensive and includes various psychological and physical activities. The treatment process helps people with addiction to analyze their lives and behavior and make conclusions, which contributes to maintaining sobriety. Family member of the beneficiary is involved in the rehabilitation process as well and working with them involves co-dependency issues.

Duration of the rehabilitation program is defined individually, based on the client’s needs. On average it is 3 months.

Since the opening more than 50 beneficiaries have undergone rehabilitation at the center.

Criteria for clients’ admission in the center are as follows:

  • Age (the client must be over 18 years of age);
  • Status of abstinence (clients with acute intoxication are not allowed to enter the center, they are referred to specialized clinics);
  • Adherence to the conditions of the center (the client is required to follow and adhere to the program);

Before admission to the program the client is interviewed by the multidisciplinary group. Afterwards both parties (the client and the multidisciplinary group) make a decision about admission to the program.