“Bridging the Gaps: health and rights for the key populations”

“Bridging the Gaps: health and rights for the key populations”

Donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands/AIDS Foundation East West (AFEW)

Implementation period: 01/01/2016 – 30/11/2020


Project long-term goals: 

  1. A strengthened civil society that holds governments to account;
  2. Increased fulfilment of the human rights of key populations;
  3. Improved SRHR and fewer HIV transmissions.

Project activities:

  • Psychosocial rehabilitation of people with drug and alcohol addiction in a resindential rehabilitation center;
  • Consultation of a medical specialist (neurologist, psychiatrist, addictologist, specialist of infectious diseases);
  • Gender-specific services (consultation of mammologist, gynaecologist, in case of necessity referral or social accompanying to a screening center);
  • Provision of free condoms and informational educational materials;
  • Voluntary counseling and testing on HIV;
  • Testing on hepatitis B and C;
  • Group educational meetings (HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, STIs, stress, drug related harm);
  • Group and individual meetings with codependent persons (family members of people who use drugs);
  • In case of necessity referrals to appropriate medical, legal or other services;
  • Social accompanying (accompanying client to necessary services).