Social Enterprise “TG Promo”

Tanadgoma Social Enterprise „TG Promo” was established in 2015, under the program “Socio-Economic Integration Through Social Enterprise Development to Address the Problem of Drug Abuse Among Georgian Nationals, Including Returning and Potential Migrants”. The program was funded by the Federal Office for Migration of Switzerlandდა and implemented by International Organization for Migration (IOM). The main goal of SE establishment was to integrate sustainable rehabilitation and social integration services in national antidrug system of Georgia in order to enhence secondary prevention and to decrease migration processes related to illegal drug use.  The SE “TG Promo” is using work therapy principles and is oriented on increasing employment opportunities for more persons with drug use history. During 2015-2016 26 beneficiaries were employed at „TG Promo“. Each wave of beneficiaries was employed for 6 months.

Starting from 2017, the social enterprise is supported under the project “Improved opportunities for psycho-social rehabilitation and re-socialization of inmates, former inmates and probationers in Georgia”, funded by the EU.

„TG Promo“offers to its customers the following services:

  • Printing on t-shirts, cups, bags, caps, aprons and other textile;
  • Small quantities A3 and A4 printing:visit cards, invitations, programs etc.

„TG Promo“ can offer to the customers existing design templates, or can create new templates based on the demand or print material provided by the clients.